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The top 4 things people don’t know about Arizona

The top 4 things people don’t know about Arizona

Most people who haven’t been to Arizona picture a lot of dirt, cactuses and blowing tumble weeds. We’re known as the old Wild West after all, and naturally images of John Wayne riding through the desert ensue. But did you know that Scottsdale, for instance, is a resort heaven interlaced with luxury hotels, swimming pools, shopping, arts, culture and music? Bet you didn’t! Here are 4 things you should know about Arizona, and better yet why you should plan your next vacation here.

Although Phoenix isn’t exactly a metropolitan wonderland, we are getting there. With the installment of a Light Rail system that runs from Tempe through Downtown Phoenix, we’ve become quite the urban blossom. Most notably, we’ve been rated one of the best places for foodies to come gorge! We have incredible food of all sorts served at restaurants glowing with ambiance, not just Mexican cuisine. Although our Mexican food is amazing, not going to lie. Old Town Scottsdale does have the occasional cactus, and certainly embraces our western heritage through its art galleries, but it is also a hot spot for nightlife, music, dancing, drinking and more. Up and down Scottsdale Road you will find some of the most popular restaurants, coffee shops, bars and clubs in the Valley.

Food trucks, Tour de Tavern pub-crawls, trolley rides, casinos, gliding, skydiving, festivals, and sports events: we’ve got it all. When you visit Phoenix or Scottsdale, you’re in for a host of activities to do while you’re here. Come in the winter and enjoy all of them, or come in the summer and just lounge by your resort’s pool to get a nice golden tan. Either way, you will never be bored when visiting Arizona.

In Old Town Scottsdale, a very popular destination for those who visit Arizona, there are so many art galleries it will take you more than a day to see all of them. Old Town is known for these art galleries, and people from all over the world come to purchase authentic,

Arizona is positioned in a very unique region. You can cook an egg on the pavement in 115 degree heat one moment and only a short drive later find yourself in pine and snow country. We have mountains that people ski and hike on, huge lakes for water recreation and group gatherings, and even gushing rivers of cold natural water. We’re a diverse state for this reason, and it’s why so many visitors will plan their trip by flying into Phoenix and getting a rental car. We’re the best state for one or two day road trips. Don’t forget to stop by the Grand Canyon!

“It’s a dry heat” is said all of the time here in the greater Phoenix area. That’s because our climate is void of excess moisture, rarely gets rain, and sits in a low valley surrounded by mountains, thus collecting all of the heat from the hundreds of flights headed to and from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. We like to say we have two seasons here: “summer” and “not summer”. But did you know that Arizona has the most beautiful “not summer” weather in the nation? Yes, while most other states are shoveling snow off of their cars and driveways and taking an hour to bundle up just to walk 5 blocks, the people in Arizona are in sunglasses, shorts and a t-shirt. True, winter days can get cold here… but by cold we mean anything under 70 degrees. Visit AZ anywhere between November and March, and you’re in for a treat: cool crisp air, the warmth of the sun, blue skies, and ONE layer of clothing.

The fact is, AZ is the best place to visit during the winter – we recommend spending some time in Old Town Scottsdale to get the best experience of culture and yes, even the Wild West.Are you looking for great Arizona events? Download our free e-guide: Arizona Visitor’s Ultimate Event Guide.

Are you looking for great Arizona events? Download our free e-guide: Arizona Visitor’s Ultimate Event Guide.

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