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No matter the occasion, the Tour de Tavern party bikes provide the ultimate way to have a memorable, exciting and incredibly fun time in Old Town Scottsdale.


Most bars in the Old Town Scottsdale area offer our riders exclusive pedal pub drink specials.


Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

If you’re in charge of planning a bachelor party or bachelorette party, then you know this is a high stakes game of extreme pressure to plan the perfect night. Everyone better have fun. Plan something unexpected and unique! Tour de Tavern is the perfect way to kick off your day or evening of fun and festivities!


Whether you have a large party or just a few close friends, our team can work closely with your group to plan the perfect kick off to your celebrations. We welcome, if not fully encourage our parties to come equipped with decorations to customize the look of the Tour de Tavern just the way you want it!


The best birthdays are those where you feel like an absolute star for the day. That’s why the Tour de Tavern is so popular for birthday occasions. Everywhere you go on the Tour de Tavern, the “pub-arrazi” (as we’ve coined it) are sure to follow – people on the streets of Old Town can’t help but stop, stare and take pictures of you as you roll by with your entourage of peddlers!


Whether you need just one of our Tour de Tavern vehicles or all of them, our team will work closely with you to plan an unforgettable few hours of fun with those closest to you! We welcome, if not encourage our parties to come equipped with decorations to customize the look of the Tour de Tavern just the way you want it!


Team Building Activity

If you manage or lead a team of people, Tour de Tavern is the perfect group activity. While your team pedals together to push the Tour de Tavern forward, you can converse with them on the importance of working together to accomplish something. Plus, your team won’t feel like it’s a “team-building activity”, instead they’ll feel more like it’s a reward for their hard work and efforts!


Whether you’re a small or large organization, Tour de Tavern has the vehicles to help put together the perfect team building activity. You are NOT required to do a bar crawl or drink on the Tour de Tavern! This is a question we get all the time, and we realize every organization has different policies surrounding the consumption of alcohol on corporate outings. If this is the case for yours, let us know and we can make some awesome recommendations of other ways to maximize the fun and still get the most out of what we and Old Town Scottsdale has to offer.


About our pedal pub party bikes:
The machine itself is a giant handcrafted bike. The bike navigates the road by means of human-powered pedaling; 6 people pedal on each side of the bike bar with space for 2 additional guests in the back seat. As you “get your gears going” you are able to drink and socialize while touring the streets of Old Town Scottsdale.  A Tour de Tavern party bike has a top speed of 5-8 MPH and is equipped with a responsible driver who is in charge of steering and braking.  All of Tour de Tavern bikes are fully equipped with a stereo, lights, coolers to keep your beverage cold and plenty of storage for your purses and bags.



  • Built-in mega-cooler to keep bottled water cold during the ride
  • Safe storage racks for purses, party favors, snacks or any other personal possessions.  Tour de Tavern is not responsible for any items lost, broken, or stolen, but we do our best to avoid this.
  • Supreme sound system connects to your MP3 player or smartphone.
  • Adjustable and cushioned seats ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride fitted for each individual on two of the vehicles.
  • Custom interior and exterior lighting creating a warm, inviting, and photogenic ambiance.

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Reservation Policy
Reservations can be booked either here on this website or by calling us at 480.299.4182. All reservations booked via our online system are deemed “tentative” until we can confirm your payment and our availability for the date you select. You will either receive an email confirmation with your tour date, or an email requesting another date if we’re booked. Either way, until you get an email confirmation with your tour date, your booking is tentative when you book online. The process is simple, and we will respond to you within 24 hours. Reservations online or by phone require a 2 hour minimum reservation and must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your desired tour. All people on board must arrive 30 minutes prior to the tour’s start time.
Payment Options
All tours are paid by cash or credit in advance. Options include MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
Call for pricing if you have a different amount of Passengers then listed above and ask us about our Tour de Tavern T-Shirt discount when purchased at the time of your booking!
Passenger Release of Liability
Before the fun begins, all riders will provide a state-approved form of identification to their Tour de Tavern driver. All riders must also sign the Tour de Tavern release of liability waiver located here.  We will also have them available at the time of your tour… just in case you forget.
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