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History Of The Pedal Tavern

History Of The Pedal Tavern

What Is A Pedal Pub?
The pedal pub, party bike, bike bar, or any other name, is a multi-passenger human powered vehicle.  Think of it as a giant bicycle.  There’s no engine, just the legs of the passengers, who sit around a bar, facing each other.  Pedal taverns often look like early 20th-century trolley cars and have side seating for the pedalers, a bench seat in the rear, rack-and-pinion steering, and a canopy top.  The tour guide controls the steering and braking, but the bar on wheels won’t move unless the patrons pedal.  Top speed is only around 5 mph. As many as 16 people can fit on the bikes and groups rent them for bachelor parties, birthdays, graduation, and corporate events.  It’s common to book a private pedal pub tour and get dressed up.

Invented in 1997 by Het Fietscafe BV in the Netherlands, party bikes are designed to provide a fun, and safe, way travel from pub to pub, and see some sights along the way.  Many of today’s pedal pubs are still imported from Europe.

Growing Popularity
Within the last few years, party bike tours have become fixtures in many U.S. cities, including San Diego, Nashville, Houston, Scottsdale, Detroit, Reno, Portland, Denver, and Minneapolis.  It is worth emphasizing that pedal pubs provide a great way to tour a city, have a few drinks, and not have to get behind the wheel.

A Bar On Wheels (sort of)
Not all pedal pubs allow open containers due to local laws.  Thankfully, Tour de Tavern is BYOB friendly.  Book a Scottsdale Party Bike Tour and see what all the hype is about.  We promise you’ll have a good time.  Ale Aboard!


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