Ingenious Ideas for the Tour de Tavern! - Tour De Tavern

Ingenious Ideas for the Tour de Tavern!

Ingenious Ideas for the Tour de Tavern!

If you haven’t yet fully realized the amazing potential of Tour de Tavern and what it can do for your life, here are some inspirations to help you find the light. If you’re still wondering why you should book a tour with us after reading this… we strongly suggest you seek medical attention.

If you’re in charge of planning a bachelor/ette party, then you know this is a high stakes game of extreme pressure to have the perfect night. Everyone better have fun. Plan something unexpected and unique!


Birthday Parties
The best birthdays are those where you feel like an absolute star for the day. That’s why the Tour de Tavern is so popular for birthday occasions. Everywhere you go on the Tour de Tavern, the “pub-arrazi” (as we’ve coined it) are sure to follow – people on the streets of Old Town can’t help but stop, stare and take pictures of you as you roll by with your entourage of peddlers!


Team Building
If you manage or lead a team of people, Tour de Tavern is the perfect group activity. While your team peddles together to push the Tour de Tavern forward, you can converse with them on the importance of working together to accomplish something. Plus, your team won’t feel like it’s a “team-building activity”, instead they’ll feel more like it’s a reward for their hard work and efforts!


Got some relatives or friends visiting from out of town? Don’t worry, they only expect you to go all out and give them the best experience possible. Don’t fall into the “usual” trap of despair. The Tour de Tavern pretty much covers all of your bases AT ONE TIME. Site seeing and touring Old Town Scottsdale, visiting the best bars, restaurants and galleries, drinking libations while laughing heartily, enjoying the outdoors, and seeing plenty of cacti.


Frankly, any awesome event warrants the Tour de Tavern experience. Your special occasion deserves infamy, so be a rock star and show your group a good time! You’ll be loved forever. *

*This result is not guaranteed. Term ‘forever’ is subjective.

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